Ascent : Infinite Realm

Recently Korean Bluehole studio has launched the website of their new MMORPG Ascent: Infinite Realm which before was known just as Project W earlier.

In this article we will consider details of the game, main classes, features, etc.

Right at the beginning it should be noted that already today one can submit the application for the first CBT if, of course, you know someone from Korea.

  • Collecting applications for participation will take place from November, 13 and even till December, 10.
  • The game test will be from December, 13 to December, 17.

A:IR play information

Ascent: Infinite Realm is a quite unusual MMORPG in a medieval steampunk sci-fi stylistics, here huge mechanical ships and various fantasy beings (for example dragons) get on with each other at the same time.

Oddly enough, this game is not an isometry, but full third person one.

One of the game's features is various air content which is a lot in the game. Developers want to make airspace not just usual addition (like, for example, in Aion), but a real component of the game.

Among main locations you will meet both usual land territories and the flying islands\fortresses.

The second feature of the game is possibility of various transport management and huge functionality of various customization: for example, you can operate land mechs, and in air - vessels which you, of course, can adjust.

In particular the air ships come in various size, from small fighting vessels to huge "battle ships", by means of which you can throw large-scale fights.

Roughly speaking, if to sum up, players are expected by a quite quite good game in steampunk stylistics which are capable to offer you content both in air and on the ground.

Also judging by a promo video in the game we are going to meet:

  • Multi-stage construction of houses.
  • Large-scale land\air fights.
  • Opportunity to ride personal glider wings.
  • Opportunity to get a jetpack.
  • Various colourful events like protection against mobs waves.
  • Various detailed vaults.
  • Fight against enormous bosses (perhaps the world boss is shown in the video).
  • Mass PvE battles.
  • Craft and cookery system.
  • Fishing and kitchen gardens (of course).
  • Constant personal aircrafts for movement by air.
  • It will be possible to put weapon on big ships which other players will be able to operate.
  • Large-scale PvP battles using various ships, mechs, etc.

Ascent: Infinite realm play classes

As it was already mentioned, in this world the magic and technologies coexist together so you can quietly meet classes with firearms or a magic stick.

At the time of writing the article five main classes were presented:


  • Main weapon: fighting hammer
  • Minor weapon: sheet

Taditional tank soldier with quite high survival and protection rate.

Because of its weapon attack speed at this class is not really high, but each strike causes a decent damage.

This class can act as the tank protecting the group and provoking enemies to attack only him.


  • Main weapon: stick
  • Minor weapon: magic dagger

Wizards of this world could solve all secrets of unstable elements which fill their world, and have learned to control them to bring down destructive force on the heads of their enemies.

Wizards can use ice magic, controlling air around themselves and enemies, slow down or freeze opponents and then to strike them with a breaking hit.

Also magicians have learned to control fire force, having subdued its destroying force, all magic of fire works at pretty long distance, causing a huge loss to several targets, but the price of such power is slow speed of spells casting.


  • Main weapon: dagger.
  • Minor weapon: dagger.

Assassins are perfect murderers who can insensibly slip in the enemy's camp and start to put their protection out of action or slowly reduce the number of enemies.

They are capable to battle in infighting, causing an enormous loss on crucial and weak spots of the opponent, all their attacks are so fast that the opponent has no chance to repel them.

In addition, assassins can cause a damage at an average distance by means of special shadow technics remaining at the same time at distance safe for them.


  • Main weapon: magic wand
  • Minor weapon: totem

Unlike wizards mystics have learned to use luminous intensity and the nature to help all those who in need, but in addition, they can also fight back opponents who don't agree with their ideologies.

For the attack they use magic of light and lightning, with its help they can weaken enemies and then cause them even more loss.

As it has been already mentioned, mystics are capable to use force of nature in various forms to cure wounds of themselves or others, thereby they take an irreplaceable place in the group.


  • Main weapon: pair twins guns
  • Minor weapon: gun

Gunners are unsurpassed masters of any firearms who can cause quite serious loss both at close and long distance using various arms.

Using the pair guns, the gunner can make fast fire shots at rather close distance to the enemy and also to move quickly across the battlefield.

Having switched to a gun, he is capable to cause a huge damage at decent distance from the opponent, this attack can effectively constrain opponents in a certain territory because of a high chance of critical loss. Limited mobility of the class and long casting time became the payment for such fighting potential.

A:IR download

You can download Ascent: Infinite Realm digital map using following link

Once there was a great city the whole mankind, but after a great accident the world and its landscape have strongly changed, having divided all lands into separate islands.

They offer to players to explore various islands and bases both on the earth and in air. On the official website it's possible to find the big world map with various game places which we will consider below:

  1. In the northwest the ancient Nils dragon lair is settled down.
  2. In the south the base of air pirates is located.
  3. Slightly on the right from the pirates' base in the east there is goblins' cave where they drag all stolen property to.
  4. Slightly on the left from the pirates's base the Nus city with its small army is located.
  5. In the north on the center the majestic dragon's gorge is located.
  6. Slightly above the pirates' base there is a top of magic and science creation - a huge Inventus flying ship.
  7. Almost on the center of the map ancient islands covered with dense woods are located where different kinds of animals live.
  8. Almost near ancient islands there is an ancient desert "Tomb of ships" which during the great accident has absorbed many vessels because of its severe climate, now various remains of the ancient forgotten technology are lying there.
  9. In the northeast there is an eternal battlefield, quite valuable resource which is necessary almost to everybody in this world, in this place always large collisions of this world's various forces happen.

See in a full size

System requirements of A:IR

Minimum requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 (64bit) or higher.
  • Processor: Intel i3 or higher \Rizen 3-1200 (3,1 GHz)
  • Random access memory: 8Gb or higher.
  • Video card: Nvidia GTX 760 or higher \AMD R9 280
  • Recommended requirements
  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64bit) or higher.
  • Processor: Intel i5 or higher \Rizen 5-1600 (3,2 GHz)
  • Random access memory: 16Gb or higher.
  • Video card: Nvidia GTX 970 or higher\AMD RX 580

And finally official video and small screenshots gallery.

Official Ascent: Infinite Realm game screenshots


And these are already screens which I have made from the video, quality of the video is not really good and so are the screens.


Ascent: Infinite Realm gameplay trailer